2017 UNGA Gender Mapping Report

Welcome to The UNGA Gender Mapping Report, a record of what Presidents and Ministers from UN Member States said on eight of the SDGs during the 2017 General Assembly. This is an invaluable advocacy tool for Civil Society to be used when making visits to member states to discuss strategies and plans to implement the SDGs.

The Gender Mapping Report of the 2017 UNGA was researched, organized and written by the eight interns of NGO CSW/NY from Nepal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Italy, China, Colombia and the United States.

Each intern was assigned an SDG. They then listened to the proceedings of the UNGA to record what presidents and ministers from the member states said on their SDG. Finally, they then wrote an introduction to their SDG and organized the comments of the dignitaries on their SDG and edited the entire document.

I urge you to read the Report. It is both important and fascinating. Some countries discuss partnerships they had formed to implement the SDGs; others discuss the problems of migrants and refugees and the need to respect their human rights; some countries thank other countries for the work they have done with migrants and refugees; El Salvador and Jamaica speak poignantly about their countries not producing carbon dioxide pollution but being seriously affected by the countries that do; small island countries stress that we must fight climate change together. And all of this is through a gender perspective.