NGO CSW63 Forum Handbook

All printed ad copy is due January 30th. Online ads are welcomed all the time, even during the forum weeks. If you want your online ad to appear in the schedule when it is posted in our website and in the Guidebook app in early February your ad must be received no later than January 30th. Submit your ad copy to For further information contact us at


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Online Handbook Prices:

$75 ad: NGO NCSW/NY will post the name of your organization with a link to your website on Once you have purchased the ad, send your order number or receipt and the link to your website to

$175 ad: NGO NCSW/NY will attach your event flyer to our online and app schedules. This flyer is a standard PDF or JPEG. Send your order number or receipt with an attachment of the file to 

Printed Handbook Prices:

AD SPECS. Bleed must extend at least 1/2 inch beyond trim at each edge and gutter. Please DO NOT include any printer marks: crop marks, color bars, etc.

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