Conversation Circles

The NGO CSW Forum organized a thematic “Conversation Circles” which was held from 10 to 14 March 2014 during CSW58. Conversation Circles are free and open to all delegates attending CSW58.  Participants interested in similar themes will be able to share stories about themselves, their organizations, and issues. Opportunities will be provided to network, plan collective strategies to implement UN agreements and dialogue with governments.

Conversation Circle:  Attendee Guidelines

  • Sign in and provide your card / contact information for continuing communications.  It would be useful to provide cards/info to all members of your small group as well.
  • Make an effort to sit with others with whom you are not familiar.  (Be flexible as to which small group.)
  • Be prepared to speak (briefly).   Share a best idea or practice associated with your experience or organization.
  • Be prepared to listen.  (Don’t dominate the conversation.)
  • Seek small group agreement re: 2-3 best ideas to share with the larger group.
  • The aim is to foster communication and ideas among participants – with the help of your small group leader.

Conversation Circle Topics: 

  • Human Rights
  • Violence/Peace & Security
  • Trafficking and Migration
  • Girls and Older Women – Inter-generational Dialogue
  • Health and Mental Health
  • Women and Economic Empowerment 
  • Sustainable Development/ Climate Change