Soon-Young Yoon’s Personal Reading Picks

Soon-Young Yoon’s Personal Reading Picks

Soon-Young Yoon, UN representative for the International Alliance of Women, presents some of her “personal picks”.

Best overview

UN Women A transformative Stand-along goal on Achieving Gender Equality, Women’s Rights and Women’s Empowerment: Imperatives and Key Components


If you want to see the important connections between the Millennium Development Goals, Sustainable Development Goals and Post-2015 Agenda, this is the report to study. It sets targets and puts Violence Against Women exactly where it needs to be—at the center of the argument.


Best in-depth analysis

The World Bank Gender Equality and Development 


If over 400 pages of tables, text, and evidence if your cup of tea, take a delicious gulp of this World Bank report. It is practical, to the point, and gives a lot of the evidence to supplement the UN Women Report. While it is short on Violence Against Women and misses a few points, it is a healthy start to answering the question: “How will we get this done”?


Best review of the Millennium Development Goals

The United Nations The Millennium Development Goals Report 2013


The priority theme of CSW 58 is a Review of the Millennium Development Goals. Although the topic will be much over shadowed by the Post-2015 arguments, it is still useful to focus on these clearly defined, measurable goals. Yes, I know that the Gender Equality targets are inadequate—but that is why we need to build on the MDGs and move on.


Worth a Glance – the following papers are also helpful:

United Nations, Realizing the Future We Want for All: Report to the Secretary-General

This long-awaited report that, in theory, was based on a broad consultation, has a few gems in it. It is a goals paper so a bit short on “How to get the job done”.


Sustainable Development Solutions Network, An Action Agenda for Sustainable Development


This report needs a good shot of gender analysis, but it lays out the basics even better than the Beijing Platform for Action did.


United Nations, A New global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies through Sustainable Development


This is useful preparation for the Sustainable Development Goals discussions.


Heinrich Boll Stiftung, Missing Women: The G20, Gender Equality and Global Economic Governance


I liked learning the “A-B’C”s of the economic governance language. This report is easy to understand if, like me, you need a guide through those kinds of jargon.