NGO CSW/NY welcomes anyone who would like to join us. There are two levels of membership: General membership and Young Professionals membership (ages 18-35).

As a member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to a diverse group of dynamic and influential women with a broad range of backgrounds and experience
  • Opportunities for participation in UN meetings, events and activities related to women’s issues
  • Participation in substantive inter-generational discussion around gender issues
  • Extend the mission of NGO CSW/NY to a larger population
  • Engage with other people interested in advancing women’s rights around the world
  • NGO CSW/NY newsletter
  • Participation at members’ only meetings and workshops
  • Participation in the Planning Committee for NGO Consultation Day

Members of the NGO CSW/NY are representatives of organizations that actively participate at UN events in New York. Voting members are those individuals who represent organizations in Consultative Status with the UN through ECOSOC, with each organization casting one vote. However, individuals without an organization affiliation may become a member but they are not eligible to exercise a vote. Young Professionals members are welcome to attend all NGO CSW/NY membership meetings as non-voting participants.

Please note that NGO CSW/NY is an NGO Committee and thus unable to provide United Nations grounds passes.

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Dues for general membership are $50 USD per person and $25 USD for Young Professional members.


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