CSW61 Outcome Document

The principal output of the Commission on the Status of Women is the agreed conclusions on priority themes set for each year. Agreed conclusions contain an analysis of the priority theme and a set of concrete recommendations for governments, intergovernmental bodies and other institutions, civil society actors and other relevant stakeholders, to be implemented at the international, national, regional and local level.

Non-­‐Governmental Organizations (NGO) Major Group Official Position Paper for the 2017 High-­‐Level Political Forum

NGOCSW 61 Analysis of Outcome Document

UN Official Zero Draft Outcome Document

NGOCSW/NY Zero Draft Comments

NGO CSW/Latin America and the Caribbean Zero Draft Comments

NGO CSW/Africa Comments

Compilation text 28 February 2017

CSW61 – Rev.1 – 13 March-2017

CSW61 – Rev. 2 – 19 March 2017

Report from the Five Breakout Groups, CSW61