Speaking out for Women!

My name is Francesco Palumbo and I am a new intern at NGO CSW / NY. Since I was really young, I always had the desire to help people living in hard circumstances and contexts. That is the reason why I started my development economics university career. I was eager to learn as much as possible about human rights and agricultural development from the economic point of view.

Since I started my university studies, I always dreamed of working at the United Nations. I dreamed of working in this contest to realize my goals. I especially want to work to end hunger, achieve food security and food safety and to promote sustainable agriculture. I think it is unacceptable that one of the most common causes of death in the world is the hunger. This is particularly prevalent for children. And, it is even more unacceptable when we consider that an estimated five hundred kilos of food per capita is wasted  in the world.

I graduated in Environmental and Development Economics in Rome. During my studies, I won some grants that gave me the opportunity to go to study first to Brussels (Belgium), where I got in contact with the European Commission and Parliament, and then to do my research thesis in Vilnius (Lithuania), where I created an economic performance indicator for enterprises working in the sustainable development field.

Thus, the reason why I extremely feel lucky to work at NGO CSW/NY, is that I want to continue my work and my research in the United Nations and sustainable development field. Particularly, I really believe in the enhancement of women in rural area to boost growth and development.

That is what NGO CSW and I do: work for human rights, especially for women’s ones to have a more peaceful and respectful world!