Who I am and why I chose NGO CSW

Since my arrival in the United States, under a temporary visa at age 13, I have been determined to aim for the stars, but my story is what reminds me always to keep my feet firm on the ground. I believe the Civil War in Nepal was born as soon as I was in 1996, as I grew up to without peace around me until 2008-2009. Even after the war, power struggles, poverty, injustice, violence and lack of necessities haunted the everyday lives of the Nepalese people. Under the caste system, I belong to the Shudras, which is right above the Dalits in the pyramid triangle that the ugly face of humankind has created. Although I faced discrimination and became a witness to human rights violations as an indigenous person, the plight of the Dalits who suffered the most during the civil war is what motivates me every day.

As I grew up, I realized that girls were missing and women at home had little to no say in their future, which is why I have been a dedicated women’s right advocate from a very young age. Such a realization lead me to become a New York State Ambassador for Women Protection Center of Nepal, where I organize awareness fundraising programs on human trafficking. I served as an Investigative Intern for US EEOC to assist investigative officers in dealing with discrimination cases. After that, I researched on women’s rights as a Research Assistant for Center for International Human Rights.

I sought many leadership positions from becoming a Co-Director of Communications and Media at TEDxCUNY to serving as a Youth Delegate at the UN’s Youth Assembly. I taught English to low-income ESL adult immigrants at NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and taught web design skills to economically disadvantaged Dalit women in Nepal as a United Nations Volunteer. I have been an editor for Kiwanis International and have worked as a Direct Response Intern at Amnesty International USA. My desire to develop my global competency skills also led me to study conflict transformation and peace building studies at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. Currently, I work as a Diplomacy Lab Research for the US Department of State by remotely researching projects that concern US foreign aid to Bahrain.

I also work part-time as an Editor at Qrius, where I edit high-quality commentary and scholarly articles under the categories of Politics, Policy, Culture, Economics and World. I am especially excited to be working as a CSW62 Intern for NGO Committee on the Status of Women. NGO CSW has been one of the strongest champions in promoting women’s rights and gender equality. With my experience in NGO CSW, I hope to add new skills and store unforgettable memories, that will further empower me to reach my dreams of being a global change maker in the lives of disadvantaged women.

-Sunayana Limbu