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Source: NGO CSW Geneva
Title: Outcome Report for NGO Forum
Date: 6 November 2014

We, the 700 participants in our diversity from around 350 groups, networks, and institutions and 56 countries, of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe region, gathered in Geneva from 3-5 November 2014 for the NGO Forum review of the Beijing Platform for Action and recommendations for the future. The 1995 Beijing Platform for Action for Equality, Development and Peace was a historic political commitment to women’s rights and empowerment to advance gender equality and take forward the ethos of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). The Beijing message, building upon the prior international conferences on women; population and environment was clear, to the point and relevant today as 20 years ago: Women’s rights and gender equality are central to the world’s attainment of equality, sustainability, development and peace.

Today, we still aspire for a world – including our ECE region – where women in our diversity and everywhere enjoy our human rights, realise our full potential, and are fully respected members of society; a world in which our lifestyles, economies and relations contribute to the harmony of society, ecology and human wellbeing. We want a world free of violence; a world of peace, where democracy thrives and women can enjoy and exercise their full rights as citizens; a world of accountability for all and by all.

Celebrating Achievements in ECE Region

Beijing was about redistribution of power, resources, and opportunities between women and men; and fundamentally addressed patriarchy and stereotyping. We recognise and celebrate the significant achievements made in this region impacting women’s lives as well as at policy and institutional level.

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