Minutes of the NGO CSW VAW Sub-Committee

Minutes of the NGO CSW VAW Sub-Committee

Thursday, March 11 2011

In Attendancel: Winifred Dougherty (winifreddohertyrgs@gmail.com)  Susan Westerberg (swesterberg@msn.com), Carl Murrell (cmurrell@bic.org), Vivian Pender, MaryAnn Tarantula, Lois Beilin

1. NGO/CSW NY website and VAW groupsite
Vivian Pender joined the meeting to consult about two matters: content that the subcommittee would like to add to the VAW site at the NGO CSW website, and access to the VAW Sub-Committee Groupsite via the NGO/CSW website or directly. Regarding content, Carl will send the following items to be added to the website: mission statement, overview of VAW at the UN, links of UN entities dealing with VAW, links by VAW subjects and research documents. On access to the groupsite, it was decided that any announcements that are distributed via the groupsite postings, will also be sent to the WomenAct and NGOCSW listserves. Vivian will also consult with the webmaster/tech person regarding the possibility of having automatic updates to the groupsite on the website.

2. Event at CSW55 – Realizing the Elimination of Violence Against Girls
Susan agreed to write a brief report of the event.  If anyone has a photo, please forward it to Carl.

3. CEDAW Review Session
The SC discussed the possibility of hosting an event during CEDAW. Lois agreed to do some research to find CEDAW Experts to participate.

5. VAW Sub-Committee Website
Just a reminder to visit the VAW Sub-Committee, which anyone can join athttp://ngocswnyvawsc.groupsite.com This site is used as a place where members can post and have access to UN or other agency documents on VAW; minutes of sub-committee meetings; reports of meetings, send e-mail blasts, join discussion forums, among others.

6. Next Subcommittee Meeting
April 21st – Immediately following the membership meeting

For more information, visit the NGO CSW VAW Subcommittee at  http://ngocswnyvawsc.groupsite.com/main/summary