Report to the CoNGO board 2017

March 2017
CoNGO Board Meeting, New York

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The NGO CSW/NY reporting year is for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017. An election for the Executive Committee was held on 15 June 2017. (Cf. Attached for new leadership beginning on 1 July 2017.) The goals established by the new leadership for 2016-2017 were increased membership with attention paid to younger members, financial transparency, greater democratic participation of our membership and positioning our member NGOs to be more effective within the UN, in particular, the High Level Political Forum (HLPF), the Major Groups and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As of 1 June 2017 NGO CSW/NY has 402 members including 99 young professionals, an increase of 8% from 1 June 2016. There are currently over 300 member organizations, 107 of which are ECOSOC – accredited NGOs and many are members of CoNGO. Dues ($50 a year) are paid by members through electronic alerts for renewal on an individual basis. Young Professionals pay $25 a year. Our membership lists are updated electronically and an update is given each month at the monthly meeting. We also have financial reports each month to the Executive Committee that meets monthly including our Advocacy Grant and a full report at our Annual Membership Meeting in June. (Cf. Attached). Our membership was involved in the planning of our monthly meetings and the CSW61. Each of the CSW61 subcommittees was co-chaired by a member of the executive committee and an NGO CSW/NY member. An NGO CSW/NY intern and many general members also supported each committee. We have also included in our monthly meetings, discussions on the HLPF, Major Groups, and SDG Implementation and the role NGO CSW/NY members and their NGOs could take.

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