Eligibility to Vote for Upcoming Elections

April 24, 2019

To: Members of the NGO/CSW/NY Community

Dear Friends,

We saw at the meeting on April 18th that there is some confusion and distress about the elections for the Executive Committee to be held at the June 20th meeting.

Eligibility to Vote:

According to the bylaws of the NGO/CSW/NY, an organization must be an ECOSOC accredited entity to vote. This is also a requirement of the umbrella organization, the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Status with the United Nations, under whose auspices we are organized.

In addition to having ECOSOC status, a member organization must be current on their membership dues to the NGO/CSW/NY. As some organizations that participate in the activities of NGO/CSW/NY and have ECOSOC status were unaware of this stipulation, the deadline for new memberships was set at April 30th.

The NGO/CSW/NY has a rolling membership system. If the renewal of your current membership dues falls before the June election, you have only to pay them to make them current to vote.

The bylaws stipulate that voting is by organization, one vote per ECOSOC, dues current organization. Your organization will be contacted in May to provide the name of the individual who will be casting the vote or an alternative.

The vote will be held before the June meeting in the CoNGO offices on the seventh floor of the Church Center. There will be a list of the name provided by your organization as the authorized voter or alternate. You will be asked to present your UN badge or other identification when receiving the ballot.

The Executive Committee made two decisions at our Executive Committee meeting on 14 May 2019. A quorum was present.

  1. People may register to be a member and vote in the Election up until June 20th if they are a member of an ECOSOC accredited NGO. We will have a computer to check any questions. People who registered since April 30 and are ECOSOC accredited will also be eligible to vote.
  2. If a member of an ECOSOC accredited organization is unable to vote in person, their vote may be carried by a proxy. We are following the process that the NGO Committee on Education, Learning and Literacy, a CoNGO Substantive Committee, is following in its election:
  • If a member in good standing (current membership and ECOSOC accredited) cannot attend the election, they may designate a proxy to vote on their behalf.
  • The member in good standing must identify the proxy voter by name to the Election Committee no later than 1:00 pm, Wednesday, 19 June 2019.
  • The proxy voter must attend the election and vote by secret ballot, just as the member in good standing would.
  • It is the responsibility of the member in good standing to instruct the proxy how to vote. Please do not inform the election committee how you have instructed your proxy to vote.
  • Members of the Nominating or Election Committees cannot serve as proxy voters.
  • Please fill out your proxy form here, sign and give a copy to your designated proxy to bring with them to the election on 20 June 2019 at CCUN, 1 pm.
  • NGO CSW/NY 2019-2021 Candidates.

Nominations from the Floor for Executive Committee Candidates

At the monthly meeting on May 16th, there is an opportunity for additional nominations from the floor for all positions on the Executive Committee.

A nominee’s organization must, of course, hold ECOSOC status and be a current on their dues. In addition, the nominee must agree to serve and the nomination must be seconded. Executive Committee members are expected to attend 2/3 of the EC meetings (6-8 per year) in person and participate actively in the substantive work of the Committee throughout the year.

The Nominating Committee recommends that an opportunity for discussion of venues for openness and inclusion of all in the efforts of NGO/CSW/NY in the lead-up to the Beijing+25 be a priority.

We also recommend to the next Executive Committee a thorough review of the bylaws.

Very best,

The NGO/CSW/NY 2019 Nominating Committee
Winifred Doherty, Victoria Edmonds, Mary Luke, Eva Richter, Jackie Shapiro