Having More Women is Good for Business but Faster Change is Needed

Since the launch of the Women’s Empowerment Principles “Equality Means Business” has so far attracted the support of 167 chief executives from around the world. This is a sign that many people are becoming aware that there has been a lot of discrimination against the female gender all over the world. It is indeed so surprising, that a woman will graduate with honors from a university, with her male counterpart but will fail to rise to certain positions because of her gender. This occurs even when she is as good (or better) than the male colleague/counterpart who eventually rises to that position.

In agreement with Michelle Bachelet, gender equality is a good tool in empowering women, which then fuels national, economie and social progress. Though there is a rapid development in the business case for gender equality since the launch of the Women’s Empowerment Principles last year, there is still room for improvement. It therefore follows, that other organizations and nations in the political arena, should follow and give women the chance to prove their worth.

Written by NGO CSW NY Intern: Frances Ndika