CSW 56 Planning Committee Meeting – November 7, 2011

The third meeting of the planning committee was held on November 7, 2011 in the Salvation Army building on 52nd St. The meeting began with a general briefing, after which small group committees met. Each committee then gave a short progress report to the committee as a whole.

The meeting was conducted by Mary Ann Tarantula, NGO/CSW/NY Recording Secretary.

General Briefing

Registration for CSW Forum 56 events is now online. Any problems should be reported to Mary Ann Tarantula or Soon-Young Yoon.

The deadline for nominations for the Woman of Distinction Award was November 30. The recipient will be an NGO leader of distinction and role model in a developing country, an effective public speaker, and able to benefit from participation in CSW 56.

The next planning meeting will be held on November 21 at the Salvation Army building on 52nd St. Subsequent meetings will be held on December 5 from 12 pm to 2pm at the Baha’i and on December 12 from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm at the Church Center.

The new NGO/CSW/NY website is expected to be launched in about three months.

The question of whether conversation circles will replace, or occur alongside, caucuses was brought up by several members. It will be discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting.

Small group committee reports:

The reception committee will provide red carnations for executive committee members and white carnations for VIP guests. A photographer will be hired. The Chairs of NGO CSW, Geneva and NGO CSW, Vienna will speak at the reception. Native dress will be optional. A courtesy table may be set up to help arrange transport from the event.

The registration committee reported that materials tables will be set up in the entrance area on Consultation Day, while the registration table will be located inside the lobby, to prevent overcrowding around the tables. On-site registration will be by cash or check only. VIPs, members of the press and speakers will be escorted in via a separate entrance. Monitors will be stationed at the auditorium doors to check badges and distribute handbooks.

The packets committee has assigned responsibility for editing bios for speakers and the award recipient as soon as they become available. The committee is considering including a simple local map, and possibly a laminated bookmark as a giveaway.

The handbook committee has identified a volunteer to do the layout. The first draft for the cover design was reviewed and small changes will be requested. The design will then be sent to the Executive Committee for approval. A budget will be prepared within the week. Committee members are in the process of updating documents and articles for this year’s handbook.

The award committee announced that nomination forms for the Woman of Distinction are available by request from info@ngocsw.org.

Mary Ann Tarantula noted that the program committee will be asking for Consultation Day speaker recommendations soon. She also mentioned that there isn’t any money in the budget for speakers expenses of travel, etc.

The logistics committee reminded everyone to make their requests as early as possible.<br>

Click here to download the minutes as a PDF: 11.7.11 Minutes