FAQ Access to the UN during CSW 56

FAQ: Access to the UN during CSW 56

1. I want to attend a UN side event. I have a grounds pass and have registered for UN CSW 56. How can I get a special event tag?

Please consult the UN Women website for a list of UN side events.  Send your name to the official contact and request to be put on a list of persons to receive a special event tag. You must pick these tags up just before the UN event. Please note these do not give you access to any other event at the UN.

2. How can I get an event tag to attend the UN CSW 56 Opening Ceremony, at the UN?

Please refer to the UN Women website for details. NGO representatives holding a grounds pass and secondary “area pass” will have access to the UN North Lawn Building overflow room.

3. I have a UN grounds pass. Do I need an “event tag” to attend an NGO CSW Forum Event taking place at the UN North Lawn Building (UN NLB)?

Yes. These are distributed on a first come, first served basis at the NGO CSW Forum desk in the lobby of the main UN building. The special event tags are available 15 minutes prior to the event, not before.

4. Will this event tag give me access to additional CSW meetings in the main conference room?

No. The event tag entitles you to enter the building for your specific event only. They must be returned to NGO CSW Forum staff at the conclusion of your event.

5. I am an event organizer and my event is assigned to the UN NLB conference room B. Some of our speakers or participants do NOT have UN grounds passes. How can they gain access to the event?

Event organizers must send a list of participants’ full names and event details (title, date and time) to lyna@ngocsw.org two weeks prior to the event.

If you have further questions, please contact civil.society@unwomen.org.