Event Space, Technology and Procedure at the UN

Event Space, Technology and Procedure at the UN

Event Space and Technology


Each room contains:


  • Tables with chairs in conference style
  • Sound system (cables and US-compatible power adaptors not included)
  • One microphone
  • Wi-Fi


Note: The UN does not provide projectors or computers for PowerPoint presentations in this room.






Before your event:


1.              Please enter through the Visitor’s Entrance of the UN building at 46th Street and First Ave.

2.              Go to the NGO CSW Forum information desk (in the lobby of the UN main building) 15 minutes before your event starts. An NGO CSW Forum representative will provide an event tag for you to enter the UN building. You must have your grounds pass as well.


Speakers for event-passes


If your speakers do not have ECOSOC grounds passes and are not pre-registered for CSW, they can obtain event tags. Please send their names to Lyna Castillo-Javier (Lyna CJ <lyna@ngocsw.org>) before February 20th. They should pick up their event tags at the NGO CSW Forum desk inside the Visitor’s entrance after security.


            During your event:


1.              Please make sure people do not sit on the tables or the floor in the meeting room.

2.              Please do not use tape to put anything on the walls.

3.              Please ensure that there is no food or drink.


After your event:

1.         Return any event tags o the NGO CSW Forum representative as you exit the room

2.           Please clean up all papers and trash so the room is ready for the next event

3.           Please end on time so that the next group can get in 15 minutes before their event to set up.

4.               Participants MUST return the tags to the NGO CSW Forum representative after the event