CSW 56 Planning Meeting, November 21

Our Investments

  • The CSW has averaged investments of over 2 million US dollars per year (2000 NGOs x $1000 per person = $2,000,000).
  • What is the result?
  • Can we make it better?

Increasing its Value

  • Improve preparedness of new participants, youth and girls
  • Build long-term relations; Give NGOs a way to build trust, network, and a common vision
  • Improve NGO credibility and visibility
  • Build stronger communications tools and connect the CSW to the world

Open Our Minds to New Ideas and Partners

  • Work collaboratively with CoNGO committees, Geneva and Vienna NGO CSW committees
  • Use new modalities of parallel events such as training sessions and networking spaces
  • Make sure that new participants are well prepared and mentored
  • Bring the UN and governments to NGOs


  • Caucuses are for lobbying – regional caucuses and one for Outcome document

Conversation Circles

  • The purpose of these sessions is to engage “conversations” between groups around mutual interests, network to plan for future collaborations, including working collectively to implement the UN agreements
  • They will be facilitated by NGO committees.
  • Efforts will be made to also have conversations with governments at the UN.
  • Can have at least 2 sessions; one with governments—possibly at the UN.

What Can You Do?

  • Cultural event – can contribute $100 and do publicity but no fees
  • Speakers for panels – no scholarships, provide bio, contact info AND check availability BEFORE nominating
  • Work with the NGO Committees to facilitate the Conversation Circles
  • Write original lyrics for “Keep on Movin Forward” verses
  • Plan a demonstration for International Women’s Day, March 8 in front of the UN – e.g. yellow ribbons with “causes” written on it.
  • READ, READ, READ – increase credibility and expertise – Study Group?


  • We need public Wi-Fi at the Church Center so we can follow UN webcasts
  • We need public Wi-Fi at the Church Center to webcast out and communicate the NGO CSW Forum to the world

Click here to view a PDF of Soon Young’s PowerPoint, which also contains a schedule for Consultation Day: 11.21.11 PPT