NGO CSW Members Meeting, November 17


Why we do it:

  • Charter of the United Nations, article # 71
  • The issues we deal with at the UN are global issues; they need a global response
  • While advocacy at the local and national levels are very important, advocacy at the international level can produce change that affects entire groups of nations in a positive way.
  • We have access to members who operate at the grass roots

What can be the focus of our advocacy:

  • Educating about women and girls and learning about the views and strategies of others
  • CSW, AMR, HLD, etc.
  • Potential and vulnerabilities of women and girls, drawn from research and from our members on the ground

With whom we advocate:

  • Other NGOs – networking is critical to effective advocacy
  • Local and national governments – the action begins on the ground!
  • Negotiating Groups
  • Negotiating countries
  • UN Agencies
  • Permanent Missions to the United Nations: members of the Commission on the Status of Women, negotiating groups, negotiating countries, our friends

Where we advocate:

  • At briefings, parallel events, UN Commissions, Thematic Debates, GA Committees, and other meetings
  • In informal settings
  • At meetings of NGOs
  • At Permanent Missions

How we do it:

  • We familiarize ourselves with already existing documents and agreed language
  • We prepare position papers which are founded on research.
  • We identify persons who can influence policy making among governments.
  • We hold informational events.

GA Third Committee:

An early start:

  1. Contribute to the Expert Group Meetings
  2. Contribute to the Secretary General Reports
  3. Prepare language for the commissions
  4. Contribute to the Annual Ministerial Review

Click here to download minutes as a PDF: 11.17.11 Minutes