Conversation Circle Report: Communications and Social Media Conversation Circle

Main themes:
-Technology: Which tools are best and how can I use them?
-Resources: How can we harness the media and resources we already have?
-Collaboration: How do we use media and communication tools to connect with our audiences and with one another?
-Best Practices: What are they?  Where can I learn more?

-The most important thing is to understand our audience and how they would like to be communicated with, rather than selecting the tools that are best for us and trying to make our audience react.
-In the debate of Facebook v. Twitter, select the one that you feel most comfortable with and link the accounts (more info:  Remember, to be successful at Twitter, you have to interact pretty regularly with your followers.
-When working on social media strategies, Mashable is a great resource for best practices and tips (
-Here are some basics on traditional media strategies (