October CSW56 Planning Meetings Minutes

Minutes of the CSW 56 Planning Committee Meeting – October 3, 2011

The first meeting of the planning committee was held on October 4th, 2010 in the Ba’hai Center. The meeting functioned as an introduction and allowed participants to raise issues, questions and comments to the Chairs.

The meeting was conducted by Soon-Young Yoon NGO CSW/NY Chair.

Comments on the PowerPoint:

  • Conversation circles: This is something we still need to refine.
  • Conversation circles may be classified based on the Millennium Development Goals
  • Caucuses may also serve as a conversation circle.
  • Make sure that the conversations in the caucuses, circles and workshops to be disseminated via the internet to ensure information sharing.
  • Health issues of rural women, especially reproductive health, will there be a special session to address this?
  • Workshops, will they be separate or integrated with the conversation circles?
  • It is important to have regional groupings so that international visitors can have discussions with other organizations in their region or field.
  • Rural Women Speak out: To sponsor rural women to come to the CSW and providing a forum for them to speak. This would also encourage others to do the same. NGO/CSW/NY is trying to provide the spaces for this to occur.

MOTION: Lehigh students as volunteers for NGO/CSW/NY Consultation Day, caucuses and Parallel Events.

How do we ensure that the NGOs information/input gathered over CSW can be included in the Outcome Document? We have to stay educated on the ideas, trends and facts that have already been started during last year’s CSW. List of important papers to read and be knowledgeable about, created by Soon Young Yoon, will be provided. It is important to lobby to the governmental representative at the UN for your country. It is also important to address these issues at the national level before February.  Study group on the priority theme should be created.

MOTION: Attendance policy passed that all must attend half of the meetings to be included/mentioned in the handbook.

Minutes of the CSW 56 Planning Committee Meeting – October 17, 2011

The second meeting of the planning committee was held on October 17, 2011 in the Baha’i Center. Small group committees met from 12:00 – 1:30, then reported on their progress to the committee as a whole.

The meeting was conducted by Soon-Young Yoon, NGO/CSW/NY Chair. Eleanor Solo from UN Women provided a brief update on preparations for CSW 56.

Decisions and discussions:

A hospitality committee was established, to be co-chaired by Carl Murrell and another member (to be determined).

Small group committee reports:

The logistics committee reminded members to inform them of all logistical requirements, including technology and translation, for the Salvation Army building. Some venues being considered for parallel events include Holy Family Church and the Nigerian mission.

The handbook committee will solicit some new articles this year. Printing costs will remain the same as last year. The ad base will be broadened to increase profits.

The social media and publicity committee is working on a timeline.

The reception will be held at the Turkish Center on February 28 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. The Salvation Army will supply linens. A portable stage will be rented.

The registration committee will do a walk-through of the Salvation Army building to determine how best to set up registration tables. On-site registration will be discouraged but computers and printers will need to be on site to accommodate limited registration.

Packet materials will be printed gratis by the Salvation Army.

UN Women briefing

Eleanor Solo from UN Women reported that registration materials for CSW 56 will be available online beginning the first week of November.

  • All organizations should be encouraged to confirm their contact information on CSOnet.
  • Nominations will be accepted until November 15 for 10 grants available from UN Women for members of ECOSOC affiliated groups in least-developed countries to attend CSW 56. The award covers travel, a subsistence allowance, and entry to NGO/CSW Consultation Day. Nominees may not have attended CSW previously.
  • The number of UN passes available to organizations will remain the same as last year.

Soon-Young Yoon reported that all NGO/CSW Forum registration materials will also be online beginning the first week of November. Mary Ann Tarantula will chair the next Planning Committee meeting on November 7, 2011.

Woman of Distinction Award: Houri Geudelekian is heading this event. We are looking for nominations based on the following criteria: Must be a leader in a developing country who has accomplished something on a large scale and is also a personal role model. Well-spoken so they can lecture as our keynote at Consultation Day.

UN Women

Eleanor Solo from UN women discussed criteria for written statements.

  • Information will be posted on website.  Contact email: csw@unwomen.org
  • Look for particulars on the website on October 3rd or by end of day October 4th. Pages on CSW participation, news on limitations, size of delegations will be posted on the website.
  • Deadline for written statements is November 7th; NGO rosters need to be invited by the Bureau.
  • Joint statements due 18th of November. The 21st of November is the deadline.

Marianne da Salva discussed what they are looking for on Written and Joint Statements.

Written statements:

  • This is an opportunity to bring input into the CSW on the main or review theme on Rural Women: empowerment or on the Review on financing for gender equality.
  • Submit in official 6 languages of the UN.
  • Size limitation 1500 words, general consultative status NGOs 2000 words
  • Must in a Word document, size12, Times New Roman

Joint statement:

  • Must be written by NGOs in consultative status
  • NGOs can only write on one of current or review theme not both unless you tack it on in a joint statement
  • Review session looks at implementation and brings knowledge of what has been accomplished.  Works with Civil Society as a watch dog and what has been decided (3-5 yrs ago); looks at the agreed conclusion.