Report from the Expert Group Meeting in Accra in preparation for CSW 56

NGO/CSW/NY Chair Soon-Young Yoon attended the UN Women Expert Group Meeting in Accra, Ghana from 20-23 September. The meeting was chaired by Saraswathi Menon, Director of the UN Development Programme Evaluation Office, and approximately one-third of the participants attended as representatives of women’s agrarian organizations.

The draft recommendations highlighted new areas of concern including climate change, science and technology, collective rights (especially concerning indigenous women), the diversity of rural women (including widows, older women and girls, migrants, women with disabilities, women in post-conflict situations and pastoralists/nomads), and the informal sector.

UN Women will publish the final report from this meeting along with two additional papers on Governance and Economic Empowerment as background documents for CSW 56.

See Catherine Hill’s background paper Enabling Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment: Institutions, Opportunities, and Participation.
Expert papers and NGO submissions presented at the meeting are available online at