Cities for CEDAW as well as NYC4CEDAW

A glorious day. Gathered for a short time at Cadman Plaza Park and then about 50 people marched over the Brooklyn Bridge. We wore red NYC4CEDAW tee shirts and white hats. Ilana and I proudly carried the NGO CSW/NY banner. There were many banners from supporting organizations. Marvelous noisy chanting with a very responsive crowd to whom we gave leaflets on the bridge. Some were stunned by us; others were visibly excited; one older woman gave me a big hug and a kiss. A supportive crowd. The weather on the bridge was beautiful and cool.

The rally on the steps was energizing. Many people joined who hadn’t marched over the bridge. The diversity was wonderful: young and old and middle-aged, Black, white, Latina, Asian, men young and old. Many photos with many banners were taken. Yvonne O’Neal, the newest member of the NGO CSW/NY Executive Committee, gave a very gracious and thoughtful opening. Public Advocate, Tish James, had the crowd, roaring. She is an amazing speaker and gives her full support to passing CEDAW as does Laurie Cumbo, the Chair of the City Council Women’s Committee, who wants CEDAW passed for future daughters. Lopa Banerjee, the Chief of the Civil Society Section at UN Women, was next and gave an excellent speech about CEDAW and its importance as a human rights framework.

And it all started with Soon-Young’s idea about Cities For CEDAW!

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