NGO CSW Forum Parallel Events

The NGO CSW/NY organizes NGO CSW Forum Parallel Events as a volunteer-based service to NGOs. Participation at these events is open, free of charge to the public from 9-20 March 2015.

If you wish to organize a parallel event, fees apply ($200 USD) to help cover costs.  Priority will be given to events that address the UN CSW priority theme of “Beijing +20” and the review theme of “Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.” All topics are welcome.

Parallel Event Schedule

Parallel Event Registration is Closed

Capacity is limited. Deadline December 12, 2014.

Please note:

  1. Due to a severe limitation of space, NGOs cannot be assured of more than one time slot each.
  2. New events cannot be scheduled on site.
  3. NGOs are strongly encouraged to co-sponsor events in groups. This encourages more people to attend your event.
  4. We cannot accept cash payments.
  5. The NGO CSW/NY reserves the right to accept or reject all applications received.
  6. Events that are canceled by the organizer will not be refunded.