NGO CSW Forum Parallel Events

The NGO CSW/NY organizes NGO CSW Forum Parallel Events as a volunteer-based service to NGOs. Participation at these events is open, free of charge to the public from 9-20 March 2015.

If you wish to organize a parallel event, fees apply ($200 USD) to help cover costs.  Priority will be given to events that address the UN CSW priority theme of “Beijing +20” and the review theme of “Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.” All topics are welcome.

Parallel Event Registration is Closed

Capacity is limited. Deadline December 12, 2014.

Please note:

  1. Due to a severe limitation of space, NGOs cannot be assured of more than one time slot each.
  2. New events cannot be scheduled on site.
  3. NGOs are strongly encouraged to co-sponsor events in groups. This encourages more people to attend your event.
  4. We cannot accept cash payments.
  5. The NGO CSW/NY reserves the right to accept or reject all applications received.
  6. Events that are canceled by the organizer will not be refunded.